Wavelength of Biodyed Cloths and Its Psychological Impacts on Human

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Prof. Mohammad Abdullah Almandrawi, Assistant Prof. Eman Sayed Badawy Ahmad


The psychological impacts of an ecofriendly natural alizarin dye extracted from madder roots using the soaking method were studied. Where cotton fabric was dyed with alizarin natural dye using various mordants, such as copper sulfate and ferrous sulfate. The dyeing behavior of dyes was assessed by colorimetric evaluations of fabrics carried out by a spectrophotometer. Good wash fastness, rubbing fastness, light fastness, water fastness, and perspiration fastness were obtained. They received satisfactory grades. The alizarin natural dye showed lovely colors and shades on selected fabrics with satisfactory retention properties, hence it can be utilized commercially for the coloration of cotton cloth fabrics. The wavelength of these colored dyed cotton fabrics was investigated and found to have positive psychological impacts.

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