Impact of leadership on the development of organizational communication

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Bryan Arrieta Nuñez, William Niebles Núñez, Donicer E. Montes Vergara


Fundamental leadership in communication has been approached from science as a thematic focus of great relevance both academically and for the industry. In this way, the present study is developed in order to identify the bibliometric applications of the impact of leadership in the development of organizational communication. At the methodological level, a documentary research based on scientometric processes is presented, where the Scopus databases are consulted during the period from 1958 to 2022. The results allow us to show 512 results within the database, observing a significant growth of the scientific prediction, where the most relevant sources are Journal of Business Communication, Corporate Communications, Journal of Communication Management, International Journal of Business Communication and Business Communication Quarterly and in turn observing that 47% of the publications come from the United States

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