Digital literacy in Sucre schools

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John Arturo Buelvas Parra , William Niebles Nuñez , Donicer E. Montes Vergara


The present investigation explains the results of a descriptive bibliometric analysis on the field of study "Digital literacy in the schools of Sucre" aimed at identifying trends and methodology techniques used in this area of ​​research. The period of the study was delimited from the years 2013 to 2023. The exploration of the information was carried out in the largest database of abstracts and citations of the peer-reviewed literature such as Scopus, from which a file with 846 records was downloaded in csv format, made up of manuscript, books, chapters of books, conference papers and conference abstracts, among others; The analysis of the data and the creation of graphs, tables and maps were carried out with the R-Studio integrated development environment, specifically with the Biblioshiny application from the Bibliometric library and with the Excel software. The results of this analysis allowed us to obtain a holistic view of this area of ​​study and its evolution over time.

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