Citizen Organizational Behavior In Public Administrative Management. A Bibliometric Analysis Of Performance And Scientific Mapping

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Muman Andrés Rojas-Dávila , Cristian Oswaldo Guerra Flores , Olga Maritza Rodríguez Ulcuango , Isabel Maldonado Núñez


The purpose of this work is to carry out a systematic review of publications related to citizen organizational behavior (OCB) in public management. The method to carry out the review consisted of collecting data from 216 related articles from WoS and Scopus, these were analyzed through a bibliometric method using the Bibliometrix package. The results show a significant growth in the number of articles related to OCBs in public management from 2000, identifying the most relevant authors, journals, and references published up to 2022. In the articles analyzed, the references allowed us to identify a co-occurrence between the OCB and the theory of public service motivation. organizational commitment, job satisfaction and organizational justice also appear recurrently in the articles within the concepts developed according to the analysis of keywords. The bibliographic link and the thematic evolution up to 2022 support these findings and allow us to identify leadership and organizational ethics, ethics and commitment at the employee level, and motivation to serve and job satisfaction as similar lines of research among the articles analyzed. The implications of this study allow us to complement the previous literature reviews carried out regarding the progress of the study of CBOs in the public sector, and provide an additional approach by proposing a bibliometric processing method.

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