Learning Skills And Achievements: A Comparative Analysis In Public Accounting And Business Administration Careers

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Yair R. Casadiego Duque, Gerson Rueda Vera, William Rodrigo Avendaño Castro


The objective was to provide an analysis of the self-efficacy of business science students belonging to a Colombian university and make a comparison according to careers and gender. Methodologically, the research was descriptive, correlational and field design with quantitative methods. The sample was made with 198 students. The instrument used was an adaptation of the self-efficacy scale in academic life. In the results, it was found that the self-efficacy of the students in independent (individual) work has a statistically significant positive relationship with the academic self-efficacy in terms of confidence to carry out any academic work assigned by the teacher or to collaborate with any of their peers. in teamwork activities. It was concluded that different areas of student self-efficacy are interrelated to achieve success in a specific area.

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