Post-Graduate Education. An Analysis From The Perceptions Of Graduate Students In Public Accounting

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Yair R. Casadiego Duque, Gerson Rueda Vera, William Rodrigo Avendaño Castro


The objective was to analyze the perceptions of the graduates of the Public Accounting program of the Faculty of Business Sciences belonging to the Colombian university on postgraduate education. Methodologically, the research was carried out under a quantitative approach, the type was descriptive and field design. The sample consisted of 134 public accounting graduate students. The instrument used was a questionnaire with several alternatives. The results show that this group of graduates could be seeking to obtain the academic capacity to adapt to the changing requirements of the organizational environment, since to be dynamic it is necessary to adapt to the constantly changing market environment. It was concluded that the development of society requires the continuous expansion of postgraduate education together with the strengthening of continuous development in the training and cultivation of basic skills of graduates in any area of ​​knowledge and social, economic, of science, technology, among others, where the accumulation of practices and experience is the basis for innovation in postgraduate education.

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