Effect Of Recruitment Strategies And Mixed-Mode Design On Survey Response: A Between-Subjects Factorial Design

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Abdulmajeed A Alharbi


The researcher explored the impact of email prenotifications, follow-up reminders, and mixed-mode design on survey response rates among four conditions when applying a 2 (prenotification: yes, no) × 2 (follow-up: email, WhatsApp) between-subjects factorial design. Further, the researcher investigated the impact of including the phrase “All I need is 10 more people” during the survey distribution. Results indicated that using both email prenotifications and follow-up reminders simultaneously, as well as multiple follow-up reminders in the form of both email and social media applications, increased the response rate. Further, using the phrase “All I need is 10 more people” during the second-follow reminder both increased the response rate and motivated the university to support the researcher.

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