Practical And Theoretical Construction Skills For Medium Complexity Housing Projects

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Haidee Yulady Jaramillo , July Andrea Gómez Camperos , Sir Alexci Suárez Castrillón


Quality education generates technical and professional competencies in students, with the implementation of pedagogical strategies, which have the purpose of facilitating their training and learning. In the academic training of civil engineering students at the Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander, strategies are generated for the student to appropriate knowledge and develop skills, through active learning based on the methodology of learning by doing, with the creation of construction models of medium complexity housing, bearing in mind the Colombian earthquake resistant construction regulations. The university's project fair is a scenario for the exhibition of the work of civil engineering students, where their participation is encouraged and practical and theoretical construction skills are sought. The construction systems and processes was one of the categories of the project fair, where the construction of medium complexity housing was evidenced, in which 20 civil engineering students of the sixth semester participated in the subject of construction 1. and evaluation of the teacher, the strengthening of their competencies is identified, mainly that of analyzing, projecting and designing civil engineering works, using the appropriate information for the solution of application problems, the ability to identify, plan and solve problems, among others, being a contribution to their professional development.

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