Analysis On The Relationship Between Geotechnical Engineering Education, School Psychology And Wellbeing

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Jair de Jesus Arrieta Baldovino, Carlos Millan, Fernando Jove


The work of geotechnical engineers has the potential to affect the physical and mental health of the people they serve. Thus, this article investigates the relationship between geotechnical engineering and wellbeing through a bibliometric analysis. A bibliometric analysis processor was used with a database of high-impact articles reported in the literature. Wellbeing refers to an individual's physical, mental, and emotional health and happiness. Geotechnical education focuses on studying soil and rock mechanics and their applications in civil engineering and construction, whereas wellbeing refers to an individual's physical, mental, and emotional state of health and happiness. However, a vital education in geotechnical engineering can lead to greater professional fulfillment and advancement opportunities, which can contribute to overall wellbeing and school psychology. Finally, It has been analyzed that wellbeing is not necessarily related to geotechnical education, but it can influence some aspects such as increased social support, sense of belonging, promote community engagement, and improved access to services.

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