Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence and its contribution to Modern Companies: A systematic study

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Luis Adrian Lasso Cardona, Luis Alfredo Bram Buritica, Orlain Ruiz Paredes, Claudia Lorena Vasquez Nuñez, Fabian Cerquera Muñoz, Diego Fernando Franco Ocampo


The incursion of new technologies has brought enormous benefits to society in general, and in particular to organizations, giving rise to the concept of Modern Company. In this sense, Industry 4.0 arose by introducing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data, cloud computing and robotics to organizations, which made it possible to modernize their operation, providing them with competitive advantages, increasing productivity. and innovating products and services. The objective of this research is to identify the contribution made by Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence, to what is known today as a modern company. This research is descriptive with a quantitative approach of non-experimental design. A systematic review of the literature was carried out in Scopus and Google Scholar using the Publish or Perish application, and under the PRISMA model. The synthesis of the study was made by analyzing each of the 10 most cited articles. The need to establish an ethical framework in the use of Artificial Intelligence is evident, with guidelines towards the autonomy, dignity and responsibility of creators. It can be affirmed that companies are likely to be impacted positively or negatively by technology. Some are beginning to see these technologies as a threat, in relation to the displacement of labor due to the automation of factories and the social transformations resulting from Industry 4.0.

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