Ergonomics As An Impact Variable In Employee Psychology

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Henry Orlando Luna Pereira, Nelson Javier Cely-Calixto, Marvin Vladimir Dávila Perez


The present study shows the results of the research aimed at the redesign of a work station carried out by an operator in the production department of the garment firms

Companies are involved in various processes and activities required to make the final product. In particular, the apparel industry aims to produce garments, including all the activities necessary for their production, such as cutting, painting.

These tasks are related to risks related to machine and work equipment safety, good process practices, hygienic conditions (temperature, humidity, noise, vibrations, contact with fibers, etc.), as well as ergonomic and environmental conditions. Working conditions affect not only the employees of this industry on a physical level, but also their mental health. Garment workshops are often located in poorly maintained, poorly ventilated buildings with poor cooling and lighting.

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