Comparison of Stunting Risk Factors in Tulungagung and Bangkalan Regency, East Java, Indonesia

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Wardani, Diadjeng, Fajar, Ibnu, Setyobudi, Sugeng, Supariasa, Dewa, Winarni, Sri, Al Rasyid, Harun, Wilujeng, Catur, Maulidina, Annisa, Rakhmani, Alidha, Irawan, Irlina, Amaliah, Nurillah, Permanasari, Yurista


Background: The formation of intelligence at an early age depends on the upbringing and intake of nutrients received. Toddlers have a higher risk and should get more attention related to their nutritional intake and health. However, only a few studies have focused on differences in family characteristics of stunted toddlers, and this study aims to describe and compare the characteristics of parenting styles for toddlers in Tulungagung and Bangkalan regencies.

Method: Descriptive analytical with cross-sectional design, a sample of 404 mothers of toddlers. Data analysis using Chi-square test.

Results: There are no factors that could be a risk of stunting for respondents in Tulungagung. Whereas in Bangkalan, mothers with elementary or junior high school education had higher family characteristics (p = 0.027), the parenting style was higher for children who were cared for by other people (p = 0.011). Nutritional care pattern, giving non-breastfeeding fluids at birth (p<0.001), age at weaning (p=0.019), age of child at receiving food other than breast milk (p=0.004), and a history of vitamin A supplementation (p=0.046) can increase the risk of stunting.

Discussion: Mothers have a very big role in the growth and development of children, especially in toddlerhood. One of the risk factors associated with stunting in children is the mother's education. Mother's education is the main risk factor for stunting after considering other factors. In addition, children who are not cared for by their parents have a higher risk of stunting than those who live with their parents.

Conclusion: From the healthy parenting style, no risk factors for stunting were found. Tulungagung District with the lowest prevalence of stunting has better family characteristics and parenting styles than Bangkalan District

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