The climatic changes and their role in the urban planning in Iraq (GIS.RS)

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Dr. Maysoon Taha Mahmoud Al Saady


Known as the green establishment or sustainable building, they are buildings whose design depends on building technologies that take into account the environment in the materials used, energy consumption and sustainability. Climatic considerations were taken in the field of urban planning of the city? A number of scientific hypotheses have been formulated that serve as an organizational framework for this study. They were represented in the following: The emergence and formation of Iraqi cities in their current location resulted in various environmental impacts. The study aimed to identify the effect of climate elements in determining the location of cities, and to identify the effect of climate elements in The establishment of housing and its characteristics in terms of building materials and others, and the study adopted an analytical approach based on the analysis of a number of climatic factors that significantly affect the establishment of cities. A group of programs were used in this study that complemented others, including the Erdas V.9.1 program and the Alois program. (IL WIS 3.7) and the geographic information systems program (ARCGIS-V.10) The satellite images of the US satellite Landsat for the years 1970 (ETM) 2021 (ETM + 7) were obtained and satellite images were analyzed. The borders of northern Baghdad were projected onto the satellite images and a cut was made. Sub setting for satellite image analysis.

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