Understanding School Violence: Readings from a Complex Community

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Alexander Javier Montes Miranda, Audin Aloiso Gamboa Suarez, Jesús Ernesto Urbina Cárdenas


This article shows the results of the research Manifestations of school violence in the Liceo altos del Líbano de Montelíbano Córdoba, carried out with the aim of identifying the perceptions that the students of this institution have about this phenomenon in their school. To this end, a quantitative methodological approach, not experimental cross-sectional, was used, with a sample of 212 students out of a total of 379 that make up the universe of the population. From a statistical analysis carried out with the SPSS Software it was possible to demonstrate that 36.3% of the student population feels insecure to some degree in their school, the greatest perception of insecurity occurs in women, in this regard, within the classroom, 42% of students manifest feeling insecure; in the face of school violence related to teachers, highlights that 28% of students suffered verbal violence; Finally, in terms of school violence generated by the same classmates, 49.1% of students have suffered physical violence and 42% verbal.

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