Pedagogical Practice and Educational Fact: About Holistic Training

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Yovanni Alexander Ruíz Morales, Surgei Bolivia Caicedo Villamizar, Audin Aloiso Gamboa Suarez


The presentresearch article focuses its analysis and understanding on the educational fact as a seductive and pressing challenge in search of answers and open paths to travel in the training processes. Quantitative content analysis was used as a technique to understand the different statements about the ideas related to education as the only alternative to create a free individual capable of facing from his interiority the challenges involved in living and being an autonomous and independent personwho fully exercises his capacities in making decisions that dignify him. Some elements related to challenges and stories were explored from the pedagogy of the teacher in contemporary contexts.  In conclusion, it canbe shown that the human being must be the center of the educational fact, which implies a scientifically assumed pedagogical practice whose epistemological basis must be in pedagogy, committed to the integral formation of man in the personal, family and social facets; from this perspective, the pedagogical request is inferred,  The pedagogical touch and the meaning of the classroom experience as an object of reflection and research in education.

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