Logics of Writing: formative elements to develop communicative competences

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Audin Aloiso Gamboa Suarez, Raúl Prada Núñez, Jesús Ernesto Urbina Cárdenas


The present descriptive research with aqualitative approach compares the scriptural process of third grade children of a rural school from images, having as references the definition of a scriptural theme, the integration of narrative elements, the coherence and cohesion of the escrite and the structure and narrative development; which are evaluated in two moments,  an initial one where it is written without images and a later one in which these are used as a pedagogical resource. As instruments for data collection, imagesare used that motivate writing; complementing this with the discussion group technique, which explores what students think and feel about writing. The results show progress in the writing process from images, related to creativity, cognitive and narrative development and the contextualization of writing as subjective, free and personal expression.

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