Didactic Scenarios for Teaching the Concept of Quadratic Function and its Applications in the Framework of Physics Teaching

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Raúl Prada Núñez, Cesar Augusto Hernández Suárez, Audin Aloiso Gamboa Suarez


This work develops a didactic sequence whose central axis is the modeling of physical phenomena, which leads to a quadratic model through direct experimentation or the use of simulations using the analysis of variables, hypothesis formulation and their verification. The objective is to present the modeling process through the concept of a quadratic function in the solution of physical phenomena, in a group of ninth-grade students, in a Public Educational Institution of the Department of Norte de Santander, Colombia. The methodology followed was qualitative, descriptive and interpretative in a case study that adopted the phenomenological design. It is concluded that the didactic sequence uses examples and applications of mathematics in areas such as physics, which facilitates the understanding of the concepts, in this case, the quadratic function.

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