Exploring the leadership and non-cognitive skills development using propensity score matching

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Tran Huy Hoang, Nguyen Thi Lan Phuong


Based on the data of the Research on Improving Systems of Education in Vietnam (RISE VN) project collected from 2017-2020, this study investigated the influence of students participating in learning group leader tasks on develop their non-cognitive skills by: (i) Constructing a binary Treatmental variable (zero when the individual does not participate in group activities or participates but has never been a group leader. 1 when the individual is sometimes or always leads the study group); (ii) regression estimates using a simple OLS model show that student participation as a learning leader increases SD by 0.44 SD in non-cognitive IRT scores; (iii) the logit regression estimate initially found three models to predict the status of students participating in learning groups, which are: (1) students' family economic conditions, demographics, (2 ) province, city, and (3) past level of non-cognitive development and class size; (iv) estimate the propensity score thereby dividing the subject into two groups of Treatmental and Control; and (v) estimation of propensity score matching for each model shows that when students participate as group leaders, non-cognitive scores will increase by 0.427 SD (model 1), 0.382 SD (model 2) and 0.226 respectively. SD (model 3).

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