Social Movements on Liberalization "Free Marijuana" of Thai's Government Policy: Freedom under Boundaries

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Suriyasai Katasila


The Thai government's declaration of marijuana as free and legal requires marijuana plants to be produced, exported, sold, and possessing consumption marijuana plants. The medicinal marijuana use, leveraging solutions, and leverage points in the social movement sector. While Thai lifestyles have long been associated with marijuana, the evidence appears in murals, literary works, and parallel Thai drug recipes on medicine relief. A critical leverage point considered liberal marijuana has gained social acceptance and widespread policy discussions through the activism of various organizations, the fight in the discourse sector, and civil society are "marijuana is a medicine" or "marijuana is a magic drug." Simultaneously, there was a product launch and a research publication by Rangsit University that marijuana substances are supported for inhibiting cancer cells.  Although the liberalization of marijuana is not yet complete, this is because there is no law to keep it. Therefore, it has resulted in a relatively unprecedented easing of policies, regulations, and prohibitions. Social movements are confident in the government that they can legally regulate the cultivation to use of marijuana, and products of their responses to their unbelievable toward the free marijuana policy indicate that at all levels.

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