Patterns of Faculty Participation in the Areas of Social Responsibility

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Asmaa Hassan Omran Hassan, Fatma Ali Aboulhaded Ali, Yasmin Alaa El-din Ali Youssef, Mostafa Mohamed Ahmed Elfeky, Mohammed Dahim Faihan Alotaibi


The study aimed to identify the patterns of participation of faculty members in the areas of social responsibility. To achieve the objectives of the study, the social survey method was relied on the sample. The study sample consisted of (136) faculty members in a university in the Saudi higher education sector. The questionnaire was used to collect data. Its stability coefficient was (0.830) and it was applied electronically to the study sample. The results of the study revealed that there is daily interaction between a faculty member, students and community institutions to contribute to all areas of responsibility and spread its culture, in addition to the tendency of the educational institution (the field of study) to achieve balance and harmony between its fields (teaching, community service / scientific research) so that the faculty member can participate in all the desired activities and events and adapt to the requirements of the institution and society, there are also some obstacles such as lack of funding for research and studies Common and directed by the faculty member towards the community, the imposition of routine procedures from the university that hinder the faculty member from participating in community initiatives, the lack of opportunities for community partnerships between the university and the private and public sectors of the state and NGOs.

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