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Sura Ahmed Salih


The journey is an art of poetry that attracted the attention of poets since the pre-Islamic era until the Umayyad era, and the camel was in all trips a tool for the journey, and it may be accompanied by one or more animal stories that come as an analogy to the camel with strength, toughness, patience and speed, and among these stories is the story of the bull of the beast, and studies have tried Modern people can touch Methodism in these stories, and see that these stories are taken from the legend, and from the images of animals whose presence in the pre-Islamic and Umayyad poetry linked the mythological reading to the Methodism origins of the image of the bull of the beast, which made researchers link this link between the image of the beast bull and ancient beliefs and legends; Because it is stereotypical, the image of the bull is repeated in its same parts in poetry, but after tracing the poetic patterns, we found that the story of the bull of the beast, which some researchers saw as derived from the sacred bull that some people take for worship, is different from the bull of the beast in the Arabic poem, and that it is different from one poem to another, that It is due to the different purpose of the poem.

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