Attitudes and perceptions of lecturers at Sakhnin College towards the integration of online teaching and innovative teaching methods and innovative teaching technologies

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Wafiq Hibi


This paper examines the perceptions of lecturers at Sakhnin College regarding online teaching during an emergency teaching. The sample consists of lecturers from Sakhnin College for teacher training, the population was diverse in terms of education and in terms of gender, years of experience in frontal work as well as online learning. Data was collected from a survey distributed to lecturers, and about 60 lecturers from all the departments of the college responded to the lecturer, and were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The results indicated an overall tendency for positive perceptions of online learning and teaching methods. While quantitative data revealed debated opinions about support coming from the institution, qualitative data indicated a need for pedagogical and technical support for students and instructors. Correlations related to demographic data and specific categories were identified.
Significant differences in perceptions by specific demographics, categories and statements were found.
The study offered a more comprehensive institutional support for students and instructors who combined: 1) self-learning; 2) evaluation and provision of technical and pedagogical training; 3) a solid technological infrastructure; 4) a learning community professional; Also-5) peer mentoring programs that respect diversity and include the more experienced online mentors as valuable resources.
From the study, it was found that the attitudes of the lecturers are influenced by background characteristics and when it comes to their teaching methods, these methods are influenced according to their different characteristics towards distance teaching. Moreover, it was found that there is a relationship between attitudes towards distance learning and the background characteristics of lecturers and that young lecturers perceive distance learning as more legitimate and accepted than older lecturers. Therefore, there is a relationship between age and the perception of distance learning and age is a significant factor affecting teachers' attitudes. Moreover, it has been found that the teaching experience affects teachers, and that lecturers with more experience and tools will have a more positive attitude toward distance learning.

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