Article production in web of Science and Scopus databases on nursing: a comparative study in Latin America

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Antony Paul Espiritu Martinez, Miriam Zulema Espinoza Véliz, Melvi Janett Espinoza Egoavil, Karina Liliana Espinoza Véliz, Oscar Abel Figueroa Mejía


A documentary review was carried out on the production and publication of research works referring to the study of the variable Production of articles in the Web of Science and Scopus databases on nursing. The purpose of the bibliometric analysis proposed in this document is to know the main characteristics of the volume of publications registered in the Scopus and WOS databases during the period 2016-2021, achieving the identification of 125 publications, where 57 belong to Scopus and 68 are part of WOS. The information provided by these platforms was organized by means of graphs and figures categorizing the information by Year of Publication, Country of Origin and Type of Publication. Once these characteristics is described, the position of different authors regarding the proposed subject matter is referenced by means of a qualitative analysis and a comparison is made of the volume of documents registered in each of these databases. Among the main findings of this research, it is found that Brazil, with 123 publications, is the country with the highest production registered in both platforms. The type of publication that was most used during the period mentioned above was the journal article, representing 54% of the total scientific production in Scopus, and reviews, which represent 78% in WOS.

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