Nursing Professional Trends and Role of Technical and Permanent Education in the Context of New Saudi Medical Era Rooted in Arab Regions, A bibliographic Research

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Liala Ali Oraibi, Sayed Shahbal, Ali Ibrahim Noshili, Abdulaziz Yahya Hudays, Ali Jaber Mohammed Haqawi, Adel Ali Yahya Hakami, Hassan Ahmed Fathi, Faisal Ibrahim Mohammed Al Aaraj, Abdoh Ahmed Bakri, Ali Hassan Alshiak & others


Background: Saudi Arabia is among the highest investing countries in Health Setups. Saudi Health Vision 2030 clarified the roadmap to achieve health goals. Nursing role in this way became vital. As Saudi National’s emergence in Nursing Profession opened many of trends and educational areas.

Objective: The objective of this study is to highlight nursing professional trends in nursing education in Saudi Arabia.

Methodology: It is qualitative, exploratory, and bibliographic research, conducted with the review of 23 research journals, 303 articles, 299 abstracts by using specific keywords, in addition to the analysis of 15 complete articles from different countries including Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

Results: The research shows that current trends in job training are experiencing changes in conceptions, which transcend the technical aspect of broader proposals, especially in Saudi Regions such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, and Jizan. The study shows that intellectual production is more focused on the academic world.

Conclusions: In Saudi Arabia, the trends of education at work are aimed at different segments, however, two convergences can be highlighted: in one of the segments, the direction is focused on technical training, and in the other, it privileges the precepts of permanent education to approximate theory and practice, as well as the relationship between academia and services.

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