Organizational Conflict and its Reflection on Job Performance - An Exploratory Study for Opinions of a Sample of Employees of Ashur Construction Contracting Company

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Dr. Mohsin Rashed Musaheb


Purpose: To test the impact of conflict stages on job performance, and to determine the level of their availability.

Design/methodology/approach: Adoption of a questionnaire prepared from previous studies to collect data by the employees of Ashur Contracting Company. The current research community represented (114), while the sample was random (93) employees.

Findings: The results of the research expect that the stages of conflict are achieved quickly and stronger with the availability of perceived, declared, tangible and implicit conflict and its effects on job performance. And adaptation, the latter has become in recent years a necessary condition for the exchange of information and viewpoints in a way that reduces negative conflict and supports positive constructive conflict.

Conclusion: The emergence of positive acceptance of the individuals (Employees of Ashur Contracting Company) in the research sample towards the availability of paragraphs of the variables of conflict stages and paragraphs, job performance and its dimensions. Dissolving problems and obstacles facing performance, increasing productivity and adapting to various situations.

Originality/value: This research enriches the literature and texts of organizational behavior and human resource management that contribute to the search for how and why the stages of organizational conflict affect job performance.

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