Dimensionality of the Attitude Toward COVID-19 Vaccines Scale in Colombian adults: A Validation Study

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Adalberto Campo-Arias, Carmen Cecilia Caballero-Domínguez, John Carlos Pedrozo-Pupo


It is still crucial to know the attitude towards COVID-19 vaccines and to have valid and reliable measurements. The research objective was to corroborate the dimensionality of the Spanish version of the Attitudes Towards COVID-19 Vaccines Scale among Colombian adults. A validation study was designed in which 450 adults between 18 and 67 years of age (M = 31.37 ± 11.52) participated. Participants completed the Attitudes Towards COVID-19 Vaccines Scale. This instrument consists of eight items with five response options from "completely disagree" to "completely agree" that are scored from zero to four; the higher the score, the better the attitude towards vaccines. The scale showed a one-dimensional structure, with acceptable indicators of goodness of fit: Satorra-Bentler chi-square of 147 (degrees of freedom of 20 and p-value < 0.001, X2 / df = 7.35), RMSEA of 0.12 (CI90% 0.10 - 0.14), CFI of 0.96, TLI of 0.95 and SRMR = 0.02. In conclusion, the Attitudes Towards COVID-19 Vaccines Scale shows a unidimensional structure among Colombian adults. It is necessary to observe the performance of this instrument in other Spanish-speaking samples.

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