Available Job Opportunity to Youth Graduate and its Relations to the Needs of the Saudi Labor Market "A Field Study"

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Prof. Asmaa Abu Bakr Abdel Qader Saleh, DR. Yasmin alaa el-din ali Youssef


The labor market faces persistent challenges owing to the increasing number of job seekers as opposed to the low supply of jobs in addition to the sometimes exaggerated specifications required by employers in the job offered. The figures indicate an increase in the unemployment rate of female graduates with bachelor's degrees. This has created some concern. These indicators prompted the researchers to conduct this study to describe and analyze the needs of the Saudi labor market for graduates' specializations in humanities and what career opportunities are available? Also, what are the requirements of employers to employ a graduate and reduce unemployment and keep pace with the ambitions of Vision 2030? One of the most important findings is that the reasons for the lack of career opportunities are the employment requirements set by companies and institutions to get a job at 87.55%. The study recommended that a detailed database on the national labor market should be formed that would allocate the last level of education to job training and not only focused on acquiring knowledge, under the supervision of the university, so that the graduate would be familiar with the requirements of the labor market and be aware of the skills required for each job; This helps him to gain work experience before graduation so that he can take the right career decision after graduation.

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