Global Answers in Conflict Management. Reasonable Time in Civil and Criminal Procedure

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Csilla Mizser


In the area of conflict management, alternative dispute resolution, there are several subjects of research. We can lay stress on the methods we use, we can study forms of communication, the issue of contracts. Representatives from more than 50 countries, including the US and China, gathered in Singapore on Aug 7. 2019 for signing an international convention on mediation, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and named after Singapore. Conflict management operates in cross-border disputes in civil law cases, of course it is well known in the field of criminal law, too –subject of compensation between of perpetrator and victim. The paper aims to emphasize the aspect of the borderless nature of conflict-management. The sphere of family law mediation, neighborhood conflict mediation, business mediation, mediation in inheritance debates can not be clearly separated from each other regarding the methods of mediation. Every conflict, every type of case has common paths during the mediation process. This article aims to summarize the position of mediation, with a special focus on civil procedures, based on Hungarian data on the regulation of the United Nations and of the European Union with the aim of displaying methods that are globally, internationally usable and applicable without borders. Timeframe for a procedure is an important, primary and also a conclusive question.

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