Evidence Based Patient Room Design and Improving Outcomes: Case of Healthcare Facility in Saudi Arabia

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Safeer Ahmad, Mohammad Arif Kamal, Pratheek Sudhakaran, Tanaya Verma, Swechcha Roy


In healthcare facility, designing inpatient units are very crucial because its physical infrastructure and built environment not only effect patients and family but also Healthcare staff and their outcomes. This Study aimed to cover technical considerations of planning and designing of patient Room Unit in context of future emerging trend with mainly focus on evidence-based user Centered Care Approach and their physical infrastructural, emotional and social need for improved outcomes. The Methodology through engagement of various techniques to gather information of healthcare facilities through observation, Literature review of published journals, academic papers, also Data collection in this qualitative study and basic concept background are investigated through online survey and observation for Saudi Arabia specialized and tertiary Healthcare system. The results are dependent on the overall experience of staff, patient and visitors, and the key design elements that support zoning of space with higher level of satisfaction rate with respectively 87% with positive outcome response (very satisfied/satisfied), 9% Neutral, 4% negative response (Unsatisfied /Very unsatisfied) with respect to overall user experience. This paper shall be useful in assessing design features of Patient room and work flow efficiency. A significant relationship was established between user's preferences, comfort factors, overall need and satisfaction in the patient room.

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