The Consequences Of Cyberbullying On The Mental Health Of High School Students In Fiji.

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Victor Mafone Alasa, Ashna Siwan, Awadhesh Kumar Shirotriya, Ranita Devi


The digital revolution of the 21st century has exacerbated recorded cases of cyberbullying in Fiji, especially between 2010 till date. This challenge prompted the debate and subsequent passing into law an Online Safety Bill by the Fiji Parliament in 2019. Children and young people’s core have been greatly shaped by digital-enabled devices- from the computers and smartphones usage for schoolwork and gaming to socialization with friends through social platforms. The highly mobile, interactive and engaging nature of screen-based devices and sometimes, their pervasive use has become a concern for both parents and teachers alike. These concerns are genuinely about the growing rate of debilitating online activities involving deliberate harassment against young people. The purpose of this study was examine the effects of cyberbullying on the mental health of high school students in Fiji Island. The participants of the survey were high school students drawn from the Sigatoka Methodist College, Western Division of Fiji.  The study determine the correlation between cyberbullying and its detrimental impact on the mental wellbeing of high school students through the analysis of the data gathered from 53 student participants in classes year 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Three option-based questions were qualitatively analyzed through a content-based approach. While the quantitative data was analyzed by vivid statistics and individual t-test. The result indicated that indelible impression occurs in young people who have gone through the horrendous act of cyberbullying. The integral place of rendering the needed assistance to these victims of was emphasized. In addition, students are prone to becoming suicidal, depressed and even violent if they do not receive any support. The role of parents and teachers in observing behavior changes in students was highlighted identify and confront cyberbullying cases in schools.

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