Design of the MESH Network for the Rural Educational Institution of Mambita, located in the Municipality of Ubalá - Cundinamarca Colombia

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Patty Pedroza, Paul Sanmartin, Fredys Simanca, Pablo Carreño, Luis Ramírez


This article presents the design of a MESH network and the creation of wireless antennas to provide Internet access and other services to the community of the Institución Educativa Rural Departamental Mambita located in the village/caserío of Mambita in the municipality of Ubalá in the department of Cundinamarca. The development was carried out within the framework of a project developed by students and professors of the Universidad Libre in Colombia. As a result, a MESH network consisting of four nodes was designed and simulated and four antennas were created for communications between the branches that make up the educational institution.

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