The Same-Sex Marriage From The International Laws And Recommendations For Vietnamese Legal Regulations

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Nguyen Thi Bao Anh , Nguyen Thu Huong


Rights for homosexual persons are a concern of countries and communities around the world. This is based on equality and political, economic, civil rights, and especially the right to free marriage. This has attracted criticism, especially regarding legal recognition by being officially recognized in the laws. At present, there are various views worldwide. Many countries criminalize same-sex relationships while do not accept cohabitation between same-sex people in both social and juridical aspects. As for Vietnam, which is inherently a country steeped in Confucian thought, this issue has also attracted criticism, but the opposition is further higher than the consensus. For the purpose and through the article's studies, the author presents the current status of same-sex marriage from the perspective of international law and specific groups of countries. From here, the limitations existing in the regulations are recognized, and solutions and lessons learned are found to improve this legal institution in Vietnam.

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