Writing Students’ Perceptions of Digital Writing Portfolio in their Classrooms

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Dr. Ghada M. Awada


This study investigated the advanced writing students' perceptions of digital writing portfolios (DWP). The participants were 130 English as a foreign language (EFL) learners enrolled in six advanced writing courses. The study utilized an experimental design. Four intact writing classes were randomly assigned to one DWP  group. An adapted survey was used to serve the purpose of the study. Data were collected and analyzed. The study findings showed that most participants had positive perceptions of using DWP. However, some indicated hindrances that might not facilitate creating and implementing the DWP projects. The results also indicated that the organization, exemplary posted samples, choice of content, and sampled peer reviews further improved students' positive perceptions of DWP. Recommendations based on best learning and teaching practices were given. It is crucial to conduct further research examining DWP's effect on improving students' writing achievement.

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