An O2O English Drama Course Instructional Design at Middle Schools Based on 4CID-FBL

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GAO JIE, Samah Ali Mohsen Mofreh, Sultan Salem


With the rapid development of the information age and the increasing international exchanges, great changes have taken place in the instructional mode of middle schools. In 2020, in order to cope with the outbreak of the epidemic, it has become an inevitable trend for middle schools to implement O2O teaching. This paper integrates the four component instructional design mode and the problem-based instructional design mode in the overall task instructional design, explores the holistic instructional design based on the comprehensive learning task in the development of English drama curriculum at middle schools, and innovates the teaching strategies in the O2O course design. The O2O course design emphasizes the student-centered learning, and takes tasks and problems as driving forces to continue comprehensive learning. Teachers should pay more attention to the learning experience of students in the process of teaching courses, and make full use of all kinds of online and offline teaching resources to achieve the requirements of China’s students’ English abilities standard of compulsory education.

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