Kinesthetic Body Intelligence as identity keys of Art Education La Inteligencia Kinestésica Corporal como claves identitarias de la Educación Artística

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Reinaldo Rico Ballesteros, Edgardo Sánchez Montero, Jorge Bolaño Truyol, Marcial Conde Hernández, Erick Fruto Silva, Evelyn Sánchez Montero


This paper analyzes the pedagogical link between arts education and the development of kinesthetic bodily intelligence in children and young people in the municipality of Zona Bananera (Magdalena). The study population participated in arts education initiatives in their schools, funded and supported by the Colombian Ministry of Culture and grassroots community organizations. The objective was to understand how such knowledge contributes to the development of kinesthetic intelligence, valuing the processes of sensitivity, aesthetic appreciation and communication, having the sense of the corporal dimension as a cultural praxis of this population. This study is of mixed method with a QUALI-QUANTITIVE approach.

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