The Educational Environment of a Medical HEI as a Factor in the Future Nurses’ Professional Training

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Svitlana Gordiichuk, Liudmyla Kalinina, Irena Snikhovska, Iryna Makhnovska, Valentyna Kovalenko, Larysa Soloviova


The article addresses the issue of enhancing nurses’ professional training by way of the formation of a developmental educational environment. The aim of the article is to analyze the perception level of educational environment by students of medical higher educational institutions in Ukraine and elaborate the features of the educational environment on the future nurses’ professional development. We consider the educational environment of nurses’ professional training in medical higher educational institutions to be a holistic pedagogically organized system which provides for active interaction of the learners, ensure medical staff autonomy and encourage their professional development. It is shown that the use of the innovative research tool according to the international research tool providing for the evaluation of the educational environment at medical educational institution as a groundbreaking factor in the professional development of future nurses.

It is held that an essential improvement of the educational services quality draws on consistent evaluation of the educational environment at the medical education institution, in particular elaborating the action plan aimed at strengthening competitiveness and enhancing the quality of medical education in compliance with European standards. The conclusion is made that the development of modern medical education depends on the level of professional competencies of future medical workers and, consequently, the level of medical care provision. Therefore, medical education in Ukraine should meet international requirements and continuously develop.

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