Online ISSN: 2717-7564

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Vol. 4 No. 1-Sup1 (2020)

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Journal of Positive School Psychology (ISSN 2717-7564) is a peer-reviewed journal covering positive psychology and provides an international forum for the science of positive psychology in education and school settings. The JPSP, which is published two times a year, is an open-access that publishes research outcomes with significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of the positive psychology of education and services in school settings. The journal encompasses a full range of methodologies and orientations that include educational, cognitive, social, behavioral, preventive, cross-cultural, and developmental perspectives. The JPSP publishes research regarding the education of populations across the life span. The JPSP aims to expand the knowledge and practice of positive psychology and well-being in school settings, with a focus on comprehensive outcomes in the lives of children, adolescents, and adults.

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Editor-in-chief: Jolanta Burke, Maynooth University, Ireland

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The JPSP welcomes original research on human strengths and virtues, personal and social well-being, as well as applications to psychotherapy and counseling. Special emphasis is placed on new theoretical and methodological approaches that advance both the science and practice of positive psychology in education and school. The journal publishes peer-reviewed original research reports, briefer empirical reports, and theoretical and review articles provided the latter represent a new and original contribution.

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