The Influence of Organization Change Capability on Social Media Marketing Performance in the Gems and Jewelry Enterprise during the long COVID-19 Pandemic in Thailand

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Chayathatto Mada, Na Krom, Woradech


During the covid-19 pandemic, consumers’ behavior has changed dramatically toward the online channel. Covid-19 has driven online shopping behavior and encouraged companies to become more aware of the things they feel are necessary to survive and stay competitive in business. Both new businesses and old businesses require new performance of social media marketing to survive in this situation. The purpose of this study is to provide a set of organization change capability that factor input on how to give enterprises success in the social media marketing performance outcomes following the outbreak of covid-19 in thailand. This research analyzed the issue of organization change capability in the gem and jewelry enterprise. In this area research is especially interested in the use of organization change capability factors in enterprise. The organization change capability discussed in this paper identifies two factors approach to process the highlights of the order of change and improve the organizational goals and define social media marketing according to income generated from social media.
The research systematically analyzes 200 selected gem and jewelry enterprises in thailand based on survey data. Research applied specific statistical methods appropriate for the tested variables. The gathered data was analyzed with chi-square test to determine whether there is a relationship between variables and anova to test differences in means for statistical analysis. Consequently, the goal was to find out if the use of investment controlling has an impact on a company´s performance. Our finding confirmed our assumption and we concluded that the use of organization change capability has an impact on better social media marketing performance.

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