Modelling Consumer Perception Of Internet Retail Service Quality(IRSQ) Using Structural Equation Analysis: An Empirical Study On Africa’s E-Marketplace

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Chimpele Kelvin Tsamwa, Abdul Rahman, Rasheedul Haque, Akintunde Adetayo, Gan Connie, Abdul Rahim Sadiq Batcha


The purpose of this paper is to explore consumers’ perceptions of Internet retail service quality. This is conducted by firstly conducting qualitative interviews to identify five dimensions important to consumers in their assessment of the quality of online retailers. These are identified as information (up to date, comprehensive and reliability of information provided by retailers), ease of navigation (how easy and quick it is for consumers to browse through the online shop), responsiveness (the quality and speed at which consumers receive support when they have questions or have problems), customization (the ability of retailers to remember individual consumers and their browsing history thereby providing personalized information and product recommendations) and security (consumers trust in Internet retailer’s integrity regarding non-financial and financial information). Secondly, a quantitative study confirmed the five dimensions mentioned above using multi-item scales, to asses the reliability and validity (convergent, nomological, and discriminant validity) of these dimensions. Theoretical and managerial implications and considerations for future research are discussed.

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