A Study On Revamping Of Emergency Department At Srm Hospital, Kattankulathur

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Marisha Ani Das, Dr. G. Brindha


Most active department in a hospital is the emergency department. Emergency department should be organized most effectively and efficiently. The need of the study is to analyze the current practice and to eliminate waste in the process flow and apply the process improvement tools which would facilitate to put an efficient process in location, human resources, infrastructure and protocols.
Statement of problem: - The emergency department plays an important role in the hospital since the patients who comes to the emergency department are most vulnerable. Patient flow to the department is more in emergency when compared to other department.
The service provided to the patients should be more effective because most of the patients need critical care and most of the patients will be in their golden hour.
Research Design: - This research is a descriptive research. Descriptive investigation is used to describe characteristics of a population or phenomenon being considered. Here questionnaires are given to the staff in the emergency department.
Sample Size: - For the research 80 staff from the emergency department are taken.
Scaling technique: - The scaling technique used in this research is the noncomparative scaling. Itemized rating scale is used in which the odd/even scale is used.

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