Temperament And Aggressive Behavior In Adolescence

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Faton Kutllovci , Eglantina Kraja Bardhi (Correspondent) , Niman Bardhi


Introduction: Adolescents face many changes, in almost all developmental dimensions. With increasing age, higher levels of occurrence of behavioral and emotional problems are identified.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is the prediction that focuses on analyzing and evaluating the relevance of emotional and behavioral problems with temperament traits.

Methodology: the population of the study is 60 teenagers who have made visits by specialists to the Emergency Department of the Psychiatric Clinic in Pristina, belonging to both genders [males 29 (48.3%) and females 31 (51.7%)] and are in the age group of 15 - 17 years. The selection of subjects was random, as the interview was carried out in three time periods: February, March, and April 2022.

Results: the age group that reported the most of the problems were 16-year-old males averaging 24.71, whereas females who were aged 17 years averaged 52.00. The age group that reported the least emotional and behavioral problems was that of 17-year-olds, with an average of 14.00 for males, whereas for females it was the age group of 15-year-olds with 17.05.

Conclusions: men suffered more from behavioral problems than emotional ones, while the opposite was true for women. An increase of awareness and attention of parents and actors involved in the education and health system regarding the behavior of teenagers to minimize the manifestation of aggressive behavior is suggested.

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