Herding Behavior In Tunisian Stock Markets During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Kamel Bel Hadj Miled


This study, highlights the presence of herd behavior in the Tunisian stock market during the coronavirus epidemic. We used two different empirical methodologies to detect the presence of mimetic behavior in the Tunisian financial market before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first is Based on the investigation of Christie and Huang [1995], and Dimerer and Kutan [2006], using Cross-Sectional Standard Deviation (CSSD). The second models is developed  by Chang Cheng and Khorana [2000], using a non-linear regression specification by the "Cross-Sectional Absolute Deviation" (CSAD) method. We show that the dispersions of equity returns tend to decrease during periods of extreme market movements. The results obtained are consistent with the absence of mimetic behavior on the Tunisian stock market during the coronavirus epidemic. The last technique is explored by the price-volume and Yield-volume relationship through the study of Granger causality. The results obtained confirm the absence of herd behavior on the Tunisian stock market.

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