Online Learning Interactions During The Level I Covid-19 Pandemic Community Activity Restriction: What Are The Important Determinants And Complaints?

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Martono Martono , Untung Sujianto , Muhamad Amirul Rasyid , Pradita Ayu Fernanda , Retna Tri Astuti


Restrictions on social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic, online-based learning is an important aspect to meet the right to learn, avoiding late graduation, continuing education, and getting a job. However, the readiness of students, teachers, and organizational support in online learning is also undergoing a critical transition in adapting to the development of information technology. Using a quantitative approach, this study aims to assess complaints and important determinants of online learning interactions during the implementation of the Covid-19 pandemic level I community activity restriction program in nursing higher education, Indonesia. This research is a descriptive research of correlation in design. The sample of this study was 1148 nursing students at Indonesian universities. Collecting data on organizational support, perceptions of online learning, and information technology skills using an online learning interaction evaluation tool that is distributed electronically to all nursing students in Indonesia. The results showed that organizational support, perception of online learning, and skills in using information technology significantly affected online learning interactions. Students' skills in using information technology make a greater contribution than others. Students complain about the instability of internet network connections during online learning. As the main recommendation, it is suggested to universities that universities make policies to improve skills in using information technology for both lecturers and students that will guide how universities and their stakeholders can serve online learning quality issues through training.

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