Validity And Effectiveness Of The Radec Learning Model: A Research And Development To Improve Learning Activity Of Junior High School Students

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A. Asmara , Muharram , Mustafa


One of the efforts to achieve learning objectives is to design learning models to motivate and active students during the learning process. Read, Answer, Discussion, Explain, and Create (RADEC) is one of the learning models that can stimulate student activity in the classroom. This research is a type of research and development that focuses on testing the validity and effectiveness of the RADEC learning model by involving three experts and 20 grade VIII junior high school students. Data were collected using instruments in validation sheets and test results of learning social science subjects. Furthermore, the data that has been collected is analyzed using a quantitative approach by calculating the average score and comparing it with the categories of validity and effectiveness. The results showed that the RADEC learning model that the researcher had developed proved valid based on the experts’ assessment. In addition, the product of this research is also stated to be effective in increasing student activity. Thus, this RADEC learning model can be tested more widely in other schools to get a comprehensive quality picture.

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