Investigating The Mediating Role of Customer knowledge And work behavior in Relationship between Organizational

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Seyedeh Fatemeh Farehat Magham


Innovation is considered as an important component in the survival of modern Organization. Successful organization in competitive environment are those who are able to gain the most and updated customers’ knowledge and adopt to new  innovative changes in the  market . Senior managers and employees’ commitment  are needed for organization to foster innovation  and changing work behavior. The purpose  of this paper  is to examine the relationship between organizational capacity(managers and employees’ commitment) and organizational innovation through  the mediating role of customer knowledge and work behavior.The paper ‘s conceptual model is a completed  of three papers ‘models ,written by Babak Zyae (2019),Maria Serna(2018) and Ida Sinaga(2019). Organizational  capacity is considered as an independent variable, organizational  innovation  is considered as an dependent variable and customer knowledge (CK[1]) and work behavior are considered as mediator variables. Data have been collected  via questionnaires from managers of  private bank in Iran. Feedback was received  from 109 manager  in  150 distributed questionnaires and hypotheses were tested.

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