An Exploration On The Transplantation Of Literature In French Language Teaching On The Track Of Engineering Institutes

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Sugesh. K. G , Dr. Calaivanane . R


Having a unique intricacy in French language acquisition at the tertiary level in India, literature plays a significant symbolic role, signifying a disciplinary tradition that can be seen in both the corpus and the teaching techniques. One of the rationales for intricacies is the mobility of French native speakers, who are scarce, compared with European countries or on the continent, intricacies are there. Academics have attributed new sorts of metaphorical and cultural value to literary texts as a result of social change and the introduction of new teaching/learning methodologies. The data is based on interviews done in 2021 in Tamil Nadu with professors of the French Language at the Engineering institutes. The analysis is done using a qualitative method. Academics are distancing themselves from traditional approaches in their shift from text-centeredness to learner-centeredness, carving out a new place for French literature in the Tamil Nadu context by "performing" it is teaching as part of the democratic project, as described in both discourse and practice. The new disciplinary ethos aligns with reader reception theory and French foreign language pedagogy, and it offers more light on the cultural and pedagogical responsibilities, literature can play in foreign language teaching and learning. The paper travels around the transplantation of literature in French language teaching on the track of engineering institutes.

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