Analyzing The Use Of The Present Simple In Five Of The Best Newspapers By Circulation In The English Language

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Badawi , Abbas Mukhtar Mohamed , Albadri, Layla Qais


The media is a crucial aspect of our lives and has a significant impact on our society because of the high level of communication throughout the world. A media's mission is to provide the latest news, sports, and style. Newspapers are the oldest type of news media and are often regarded as one of the most reliable information sources across the globe. Newspaper headlines are written in a block telegraphic style that frequently leaves the copula, resulting in grammatical uncertainty. The present tense is essential in the English tenses system. The historical present, also known as a dramatic present or narrative present in linguistics and rhetoric, uses the present tense while telling previous events. This study analyzed the use of the present simple in five of the best newspapers by circulation in the English language. A study of 75 headlines was conducted to determine the most frequently used tense in headlines, detect the reason behind that usage, and if that reason counts as a selling pointThis study concluded that the historical present in news headlines is mostly utilized not only because it has the capability to make the news more fresh and vivid but also is a great marketing technique.

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