Interactive Website For Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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John Pahamzah , Syafrizal Syafrizal , Rahmi Amalia


The objectives of this research were to (1) find out the students’ needs in learning report text, (2) to find out how to develop an interactive website of report text, and (3) to find out the appropriateness of interactive website on report text material. This research adapted the Research and Development (R&D) design from Borg and Gall (2003). It consisted of research and information collecting, planning, develops preliminary form of product, preliminary field testing, main product revision, main field testing, operational product revision, operational field testing, and final product revision. This research involved an eighth grade English teacher and 50 students of SMPN 2 Kota Serang. The research instruments used the students’ open-ended questionnaires, semi-structured interview, students’ assessment sheets, material, and media experts’ validation forms. Data analysis showed that the students and the English teacher needed an interactive website. Moreover, Interactive Report Website (INTERPORTSITE) obtained 80% and 92% in preliminary field testing and 100% in main field and operational field testing from the material and media experts. Furthermore, INTERPORTSITE obtained 85, 12% in preliminary field testing, 89, 84% in main field testing, and 92,60% in operational field testing from the students. In conclusion, it was appropriate to be applied.

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