Impact Of Yoga On Wellbeing Of Deaf Adolescents: A Narrative Review

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Britto John and Kumar Senthil


This narrative review primarily aimed at finding the number of studies published so far on assessing the outcomes of yoga based interventions on hearing challenged children. The secondary aim of the study was to find the area of work addressed like physical, emotional, physiological potentialities of subjects and the improvement of these parameters with yoga. On a farther view, the study aimed at the outcomes of yoga intervention on deaf adolescents. The search for research articles were done in online sources like Pubmed, Google scholar and Cochrane library. Yoga intervention based Randomized control trial and reviews on deaf were included in the review whereas, case studies, cross-sectional and cross over studies were excluded from the review. The keywords used in the search were Yoga and deaf, hearing loss, exercise and hearing impairment. 8 papers were obtained and included in the current review. The review resulted in an understanding that practice of yoga benefits physical (body balance and stability), mental, learning skills, emotional wellbeing, feeling insecure and social anxiety and stress in individuals with hearing challenge. The review concluded that there is a requirement for extensive yoga based interventional research studies to improve motor skills and social wellbeing and quality of life of adolescents with hearing loss.

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