The Role Of Account Representative Competence In The Strategy Of Increasing Tax Revenue (A Case Study At Kpp Pratama Bandung Cibeunying)

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Violieta Wicaksono Putri , Rifki Putra Pratama , Shania Tilavany Gultom , Aqilla Fadia Hendri , Farhan Rasyid Alfareza , Khairul Saleh , Dwi Febri Syawaludin


This research is motivated because one of the largest sources of income in Indonesia is tax revenue.  The role of the Account Representative is crucial in optimizing tax revenue so researchers want to investigate further the competence of the Account Representative.  This study aims to analyze the competence of Account Representatives in the strategy of increasing tax revenue at KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying.  This study uses a qualitative research method with a case study approach.  By utilizing informants with purposive sampling technique and data in the form of evidence, notes, and reports that have been stored in the archives of KPP Pratama Bandung Cibeunying as a source of information.  The results of this study are Account Representatives who are competent in the technical and non-technical fields play an important role in the strategy of increasing tax revenue with the role of all employees, both at the managerial level and at the executive and functional levels (head of the office, head of the section, head of the sub-section, account representative, executive  State, and the functional tax bailiff).

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